4 Simple Ways to Create a Stable and Effective Social Networking Experience Through LinkedIn

Social Networking

If you are hoping to expose your brand to the online market, you have to do whatever it takes. Engaging in social media marketing is the usual resort, and employing different social media marketing strategies can be of great help to you. The emergence of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as the most popular social networking sites used for marketing purposes is highly infectious in nature. LinkedIn is probably one of the best additions to that growing list. Creating a stable and working LinkedIn account means familiarizing yourself with various social media networking tips that can work in your favor.

LinkedIn differs from other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. While the latter are more casual in nature and open for everyone, LinkedIn is more designed to widen your professional connections. Through your LinkedIn account, you can start establishing connections to any person you want — managers, directors, business owners and so on.

To have a successful social media experience through LinkedIn, here are four improvement tips for your LinkedIn account:

  1. Initiate sending of connection requests with a personalized message. If you wish to add a specific person to your account, you can go to his or her page using the “add to your network link” feature. As you perform this connection request, you can also add your personal message along with it. You can write anything you want with a personal touch, depending on who that person is. If you mean business, you could probably deliver messages that help to promote your product or service.
  2. Always send a reply every time you accept new connections. Go to the profile of that person and see what you two have in common. Don’t hesitate to get to know that person very well. After all, that is what social networks are designed to do. Again, if you mean business, this is the best time to talk about what you can offer that meets his or her specific needs.
  3. Send a mass email. This is one of the great things about LinkedIn. You can write and send group messages or emails to up to 50 people in one instance. This saves time, but be careful not to sent too many e-mails or you will be tagged for spamming. Just some friendly advice: always maintain confidentiality among your recipients by unchecking the box at the bottom which says, “Allow recipients to see each other’s names and addresses.”
  4. Social Networking

    • pening statement. Make sure that your opening statement applies to all. Focus on how you greet each person. You can say something like “Happy Friday to all of you” or “Happy Holidays to everyone.”
    • Content. This is similar to writing a newsletter. Address their needs or problems. Don’t just gloat about your company. Expose your brand in a way that you are trying to provide answers to their problems. You can also entertain them or awaken their interests by talking about a great business book, blog or article you read. Engage them to your brand by talking about the upcoming events in your business and so on.
  5. Ask for recommendations in a proper way. Recommendations is another awesome feature of LinkedIn. This can work to your advantage especially if you are in a profession or business; it can give you more prospects or clients. It’s a good practice to start 10 recommendations at a minimum. Never fail to include a clear and concise subject line in your recommendations.

To sum it up, success in social media marketing won’t be that hard to attain if you employ these suggested social media networking tips. Hiring a Social Networking Virtual Assistant can help improve your social networking campaign.